Many times, people feel an urgency to urinate, and this symptom is known as the Overactive Bladder. As per doctors, this is not particularly a disease, but this problem can get increased overage. Both men and women can face this problem, and they often feel about going to the toilet frequently day and night. It has been noticed that individuals, who suffer from OAB or Overactive Bladder, often feel embarrassed and isolated from social life.

Indications of OAB

The indications of OAB include the following

  • Urgency to urinate
  • Frequent urination during day and night. Normally people suffer from OAB urinates eight times or more in 24 hours.
  • Wake up at least two times in the night to pee.

When to visit a doctor?

Most of the time, the elder face this problem, but this is not a common part of aging. Many times individuals face awkward discussing the problem even with their near ones. In this situation, it is suggested to discuss the problems with doctors and get the necessary suggestions.

Causes of Overactive Bladder

Several factors are responsible for having an Overactive Bladder. So, let’s check the primary factors of OAB.

  • Women often face the problem of OAB due to weak pelvic muscle. This happens due to pregnancy and childbirth. In this situation, the bladder gets sag out of its normal position, and women often suffer from OAB.
  • Individuals often suffer from OAB due to nerve damage. In this situation, the brain does not get the signal to empty the bladder. People who are suffering from any trauma or disease can face this problem. This can be due to pelvic surgery, stroke, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Sometimes medicines and alcohol dull the nerves, and they restrain the signal to the brain. This causes an overflow in the bladder and disrupts discharging the bladder.

Individuals who suffer from Urinary Tract infections can also suffer from OAB.