What is a kidney stone?  

A kidney stone is a hard deposit of salts and minerals that gets formed within the kidney. Also referred to as urolithiasis or renal calculi, kidney stones are hard and can create problems in the urinary tract, from the bladder to the kidneys. Kidney stones are formed due to the crystallization of minerals and salts from the urine.

Kidney Stone causes and symptoms

Crystals get formed when the urine is concentrated. The chemicals contained in the urine such as urate, oxalate, calcium, urate, phosphate, and xanthine join and become a solid mass that gets larger. Patients suffering from kidney stones often feel a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, groin, and lower back.

The pain can start suddenly and is indicative that the body is trying to push the stone out. There is a frequent need to urinate accompanied by burning. There might be blood in the urine.  It can cause pain in the penile tip for men.

Type of Kidney Stone
5 Types of Kidney Stones

Calcium phosphate stones, Calcium oxalate stones, Uric acid stones, Struvite stones and Cystine stones are the 5 Kidney Stone Types.

Calcium Phosphate Stones

Definition: When there is abnormal functioning of the urinary system, the formation of calcium phosphate kidney stones takes place.

Calcium Phosphate Stones Treatment

Reduce sodium consumption and avoid packaged foods. Reduce the consumption of beef, shellfish, and pork. Instead add legumes, soy foods, sunflower seeds, and nuts such as cashews and almonds to your diet.

Calcium Oxalate Stones

Definition:Calcium Oxalate Stones are the most commonly noticed kidney stones. When there is a higher level of calcium and oxalate or uric acid and a lower level of citrate, calcium oxalate kidney stones get formed.

The creation of this type of kidney stone is associated with the consumption of high-oxalate food such as chocolate, nuts, potatoes, spinach, and beets.

Calcium Oxalate Stones Treatment                          

For treating calcium oxalate kidney stones, reduce the consumption of spinach and nuts, animal meat especially organ meat, cheese, eggs, and foods high in sodium. Keep away from fast foods. Instead, focus on cereals and low-oxalate plant foods.

Uric Acid Stones

Definition: Uric acid kidney stones are mostly noticed in men who eat large quantities of animal protein or consume inadequate quantities of water. People who have undergone chemotherapy or suffering from gout might be more prone than others to suffer uric acid kidney stones. Diabetics and overweight persons are also more susceptible to developing uric acid kidney stones.

Uric Acid Stones Treatment

Cut back on animal meat and dairy products. Add lentils, beans, and soy foods to your meals. Opt for seeds and nut products. Shed extra weight.

Struvite Stones

Definition: Struvite kidney stones are mostly noticed in women. Struvite kidney stones grow rapidly and can lead to severe infection of the urinary tract.

Struvite Stones Treatment

To treat struvite stones, reduce salty seasonings. Reduce the consumption of animal meats.

Cystine Stones

Definition: The cause for cysteine kidney stones is usually cystinuria which is genetic. Cystine stones are formed because the urine contains far more amino acid cysteine than normal. The kidneys are unable to absorb the Cystine protein. Cystine kidney stones are mostly noticed in cystinuria patients from a young age.

Cystine Stones Treatment

The most effective treatment for cysteine stones is to consume more water daily.

Kidney Stone Prevention

Dehydration can lead to concentrated and dark urine. Therefore, adults must be adequately hydrated with about 3 liters of fluid, preferably water each day. Instead of reducing the consumption of calcium-rich food, it is better to watch your salt intake. Reduce the consumption of foods that are high in oxalates such as pork, chicken, and beef. Another cause of high urine concentration is regular diarrhea. Due to the excessive fluid loss from the body, the urine volume gets lowered and more oxalates are absorbed from the intestines. Obesity and certain medications risk factors for developing kidney stones.

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Medications such as alpha-blockers are often prescribed to relax the ureter walls and aid the passing of the stone. Surgery is resorted to only when the kidney stones cause repeated infections and affecting the kidney functioning. You can consult the best Kidney Stone Specialist in Pune to treat various kinds of Kidney Stones. Shock Wave Lithotripsy involves focusing high-energy shock waves on the kidney stones to break them up. The small stone pieces will then pass out through the urine. Ureteroscopy is resorted to in case the stones are located near the bladder. They are either removed or broken into smaller pieces. Large kidney stones are treated with a surgical procedure called Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy. Urolife in Pune provides the Best Kidney Stone Treatment in Pune. You can find remedies for all kinds of kidney stones in Pune.

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