RIRS: RIRS stands for Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery. It is an endoscopic surgery performed to remove renal stones by using a laser fiber called Holmium and a fiber optic endoscope. During this procedure, after the removal of the bigger stones, small fragments are taken out with the help of stone baskets. In other cases, the stone is blasted with a laser probe and then manually removed with forceps. 

ESWL: ESWL stands for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy is a procedure to clear the urinary tract by getting rid of kidney stones. It uses shock waves to break the stone into small pieces, which eventually passes from the body through urine. 


RIRS: The operation consists of manually removing the stones.

ESWL: The procedure consists of breaking the stones with the help of shock waves which eventually gets passed with urine.


RIRS: The price varies from Rs.100000 – Rs.120000.

ESWL: The price varies from Rs.30000 – Rs.200000.

(These prices may vary from place to place.)

Pain and recovery:

RIRS: RIRS is not a very painful procedure and includes minimal bleeding. It does not even take a lot of time for recovery. The patient is usually kept in the hospital for a few days, but if the patient is completely fit, then he/she might be discharged the next day, but re-checkups are important.

ESWL: ESWL causes mild pain when the stones pass via urine. The recovery time is quite less, and the patient is at the most kept in the hospital for about 1-2 days or even less than that.


RIRS: RIRS is more convenient if the stones are bigger than 2cm.

ESWL: ESWL is more convenient if the stones are smaller than 2 cm.


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