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Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery for Renal Stones

Patients suffering from renal or kidney stones are getting increased [...]

RIRS Versus ESWL for the Treatment of Renal Stones

The cases of renal stones or kidney stones have raised [...]

क्या बार-बार पेशाब करना किडनी स्टोन (Kidney Stone) का संकेत हैं?

  क्या बार-बार पेशाब करना किडनी स्टोन (Kidney Stone) का [...]

मुतखडा (किडनी स्टोन Kidney Stone Treatment in Marathi) : वेळीच उपचार आवश्यक

मूतखडा (Kidney Stone) हा अत्यंत वेदना देणारा आजार आहे. वैद्यकीय [...]

Foods that can cause Kidney Stone

A kidney stone refers to a hardened mineral mass. Some [...]

Top Urology Issues Affecting Men

Suffering from various urological disorders is common in men. Therefore, [...]

RIRS vs ESWL for the treatment of Renal Kidney Stone

RIRS: RIRS stands for Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery. It is an [...]

RIRS Kidney Stone Removal Surgery: Purpose, Procedure, Risks, and Recovery

A small stone in the kidney develops that blocks the [...]

10 Big Urological Issues for (Children)

  The Urology specialist in Pune stated that the urological problems [...]

Renal Kidney Stone Treatment: Symptoms and Causes

  A kidney stone is also recognized as renal calculi, [...]

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