Many are hardly aware of how the bladder can have stones. Well, studies show that this problem is mostly found in men 50 and above. Bladder stones are solid masses made up of minerals from the urine, and the patient is required to consult with the best Urologist in Pune to get cured.

 Causes of Bladder Stone:


If you feel lower abdominal pain and pain during urination, you can ask a Bladder Stone specialist in Pune about what causes the bladder stone.

A person can face the growth of bladder stone if the bladder does not get adequately cleared. Hence the urine becomes concentrated and gets a crystallized form. In the end, these crystallized form of urine builds stones. Infections can also lead to building up bladder stone, and this requires Bladder Stone Treatment in Pune to get rid of this condition.

Sometimes infections in the urinary tract cause inflammation to the bladder, and this generates bladder stone.

Specific medical devices such as catheters may also cause bladder stones, and if any person is suffering from a kidney stone, that can also cause stone in the bladder. It is necessary to take advice from the specialists whether the patient needs a Bladder Stone Surgery in Pune or not.

Many also suffer from bladder stone due to an unhealthy diet that is rich is fat and sugar but lacks vitamins A and B.

 Treatments for Bladder Stone:


If you are suffering from bladder stone, you need proper treatment with bladder infection medicine in PuneIf the bladder stone is small in size, doctors will suggest you consume lots of water so that these can pass through urine.

Besides suggesting the best medicine for bladder infection, doctors can also prescribe cystolitholapaxy to break the stones into pieces. Sometimes the stones are too big to break via medicines, and then doctors suggest surgery.