Hydrocele mainly occurs in newborn male babies, and it automatically disappears at the age of one. However, young boys and men can also face this problem if their scrotum gets injured. Hydrocele is a situation when the scrotum gets swelled with a collection of the fluid surrounding the testicles. Most of the time, this problem eliminates without any treatment, but if you notice constant swelling at your scrotum, you need to visit a doctor.

Symptoms of Hydrocele

Normally, men or boys don’t suffer if they have Hydrocele, but they will notice either one or both testicles can remain inflamed. Men can feel the heaviness and discomfort due to the inflamed testicles. Sometimes the inflamed part can stay small in the morning and can get large during the day.

Treatment of Hydrocele

Hydrocele can get cured without treatment in baby boys. Still, if the problem persists, doctors suggest Hydrocele surgery. This is a repair treatment, and it is carried on at the outpatient clinic. While conducting the treatment, general anesthesia is used.

In the case of baby boys, doctors make a small incision in the groin area and take out the fluid. Once the fluid is removed, doctors do the stitches and repair the inflamed testicles.

Many times, doctors also take the help of laparoscopic treatment in which a catheter is inserted to take out the fluid.

In the case of adults, the doctor does the surgical cut in the scrotum and takes the fluid out to repair Hydrocele.

Is there any risk factor?

Mostly newborn male babies suffer from Hydrocele. It has been noticed that almost 5% of children suffer from this. Mainly premature babies are most likely to get attacked with Hydrocele.

Adults can suffer from Hydrocele :

  • If they have faced any injury to the scrotum
  • If they are suffering from infection or sexually transmitted diseases.

It is said that Hydrocele does not have any complications, but many times due to underlying testicular problems can arise serious problems like tumor or hernia.

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