Veins get enlarged in varicoceles which are present in the skin’s loose bag which gets hold of your testicles. Varicocele causes a decrease in the production of sperms and in q sperms quality which leads to infertility. It shows not only a decrease in sperm production but also testicles to fall. In such a case, consult with a Varicocele surgeon in Pune.

 Varicocele Treatment :

Two ways of treatment are there for varicoceles which include: –

  •  Open surgery treatment:

An incision is made by a surgeon, either in the above scrotum, groin, or in the lower abdomen. Surgeons search for veins and then tie them off to stop the flow of blood through them. General or local anesthesia is required for open surgery. If you want to go with an open surgery method, then you should contact the best varicocele surgeon in Pune.

  •  Embolization treatment:

This treatment only requires local anesthesia. The steps in this treatment are: –

  • A Nick is made in the skin by a Radiologist.
  • A catheter is spun from skin nick to vein, in the neck.
  • With the help of x-rays,
  • the catheter is moved inside the abdomen and then into the varicose vein.
  • Veins are closed with the help of metal coils. The flow of blood is blocked towards destroyed veins and sent towards healthy veins, so that blood flow becomes normal.

If you want this treatment, then you should go for varicocele nonsurgical treatment in Pune.

But how to choose between these two methods? For this, you need their advantages and disadvantages.

 Recovery time:

  • Open surgery – 

Recovery time is 2-3 weeks.

  • Embolization – 

Recovery time is 1-2 days.

 Success rate

  • Open surgery-

Best treatment within other options of surgery and one out of ten men faces post-surgery recurrence.

  • Embolization-

By this treatment, the success rate is 90%.


You can choose any treatment but remember that the treatment should be effective. For more detailed information on how to choose which Treatment is best for the Varicocele Treatment,  Must Consult with the Best Varicocele Surgeon in PuneDr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Clinic, Pune.