Firstly, Varicocele is an uncommon condition that may affect up to 15% of the male population. Most men with a varicocele do not develop any problems or symptoms from this condition. Others though may experience some pain and discomfort from time to time.

What is Varicocele?

The scrotum is a bag-like structure that hangs below the penis and holds the testicles. The network of veins inside the scrotum drains blood from it back to the body. When veins inside it get swollen or enlarged, they can cause pain, swelling, or discomfort in the testicle area. This condition is called Varicocele and is treated by Varicocele surgery.

Varicoceles are common on the left side because your anatomy is set up: The left testicular vein receives blood from both testicles and empties directly into your left renal vein. In contrast, the right testicular vein empties into your inferior vena cava.

How does Varicocele cause genital pain?

For instance, Varicoceles are dilated veins of the pampiniform plexus. The high pressure caused dilation of the veins and increased varicocele size. They can be painful in and of themselves, especially when they are large, and cause a noticeable enlargement of the scrotum.

Varicoceles may also cause testicular atrophy, which is shrinkage of the testicle due to the loss of blood flow. The varicose veins may be seen clearly and are often tender to the touch. Experts have found that some men with varicoceles who also experience pain have other conditions such as low testosterone levels, infection, or testicular damage, which lead to varicocele-related pain.


In conclusion, Varicocele is common and should be considered in patients with testicular discomfort. A complete understanding will help properly diagnose and manage this common condition. Surgical treatment for varicoceles is now readily available and has a high success rate. Contact Dr. Irfan Shaikh, Urolife Clinic at Pune, for more detail.

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