Orchitis is an infection of the testicles. It can be caused due to viruses or bacteria. Both the testicles may be influenced by Orchitis at a similar time and cause you a lot of pain. Despite this, the symptoms normally appear in only one testicle. Therefore, this variety of testicular infections is often linked with the mumps virus. For its treatment, you can visit a Testicular Pain Specialist – Dr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Clinic, Pune.

 Symptoms of Orchitis:


Whenever you feel pain in the groin and testes is the primary indication of Orchitis. You may also have these kinds of symptoms that will prove Orchitis.

  • While toilet you will suffer painful urination
  • Tenderness in the scrotum
  • Enlarged scrotum
  • Semen having blood
  • A normal fever
  • Enlarged swelled lymph joints in the groin
  • A Painful outburst
  • An enlarged prostate

If you observed these symptoms, then immediately consult with the best doctor for testicular pain in Pune. 

 Causes of Orchitis:


Bacteria and Viruses are the most common reason for Orchitis that why we need micro denervation of the spermatic cord treatment in Pune. 


Mumps virus is the most common that cause Orchitis. In the survey, it is found 33 percent of gents having mumps when they are in their teen’s age. It can develop in 4-5 days in the salivary gland.


It is also generally reported in Males due to sexually transmitted and Urinary infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and a similar situation of epididymitis can cause Orchitis. Those people who are doing sex without the use of a condom on a regular basis have a high chance to develop Orchitis.

Precaution is better than cure, but still, you found any type of symptoms then quickly visit the Best orchialgia treatment clinic at Urolife Clinic, Pune.