If you are suffering from the Kidney Stone and the stone is too big, that cannot remove by pee out. Then surgery is the option. But, before surgery, you have one more method that is Nephrolithotomy. In this type, the doctor uses a small extent instrument to pluck the stones. And then at your back doing a small cut use vacuum to extract the stone. This is also called a Percutaneous. You can visit the Best Kidney Stone Removal Surgeon in Pune.

 Nephrolithotomy Surgery to Remove Kidney Stones:


The procedure needs general insensibility and takes up to 3 hours. Then Patients are shifted to the ward after awakening in the rescue room.

An instrument ureteral stent is typically set through the method to prevent post-operative side pain. This stent will be observed out of the urethra with a foley catheter that reduces the waste from the bladder. A third pipe will be left reaching from the back incision. It also assists in reducing the kidney of urine. All three pipes are excluded, and patients normally go home on the next day after the incisional Surgery in Pune operation.

The doctor will call you after the 7 days from the surgery to remove the back incision.

PCNL Treatment in Pune, suggests some antibiotics and oral medicine for relief in Post-operative pain and at the time of getting a discharge. Post-operative discomfort or pain normally goes in two weeks. Patients can normally return to work back after the backstitch is removed.

 Follow-up care after the surgery:

  • After your post-operative appointment, you will be required to return to our hospital in 2 months.
  • A urine collection of 24-hour. This collection should be made about 4-5 weeks after the operation.
  • After 6 weeks of surgery, get an ultrasound of the kidney for the surety that the kidney has healed from your body.

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