The recent research result on the rise of sexually transmitted diseases is a much-talked topic at present. However, many authentic studies say that individuals most affected by STT or sexually transmitted disease are between 15 to 24 years of age. Are you shocked by the status? Without being afraid of the present statistics, it is better to know the facts about STT.

Importance facts about the Sexually transmitted disease

  • It has been noticed that women are prone to get affected by sexually transmitted infections than men. Women can get easily transmitted with STI via men due to their anatomy.
  • People are hardly aware of the types of STDs. Studies reveal that there are almost 25 different types of STDs that can infect an individual. Some of these are gonorrhoea, HIV, genital herpes, Chlamydia, human papillomavirus or HPV.
  • Many feel oral sex is safe, but not always. Men and women can both get infected via oral sex. Hence using condoms or dental dam is always the best option while you are having sex.
  • Some STDs are curable, whereas STDs, which are developed by HPV, are incurable. Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia is curable, but hepatitis B, herpes can get managed but not curable.
  • STDs like Chlamydia do not arise with a symptom, and hence it is not possible to know where your partner is suffering from STDs or not.
  • Negligence of STDs for a more extended period of time can cause serious health issues. Most women can suffer from various serious health issues if STDs are not diagnosed and treated within time.
  • Men who believe in homosexuality can often suffer from primary and secondary syphilis. This rate has grown noticeably over the years.

No doubt, a condom is the best protective measure against STD, but it does not provide a guarantee that you will not get infected with STD. Men and women can opt for the HPV vaccine to stay protected from HPV-borne disease.