A small penis or micropenis is a situation when men have an abnormally small penis. This situation is generally disclosed in childhood and can get cured by hormonal treatment at an early age. Small penis syndrome is nothing related to the physical problem, but it is anxiety when a man feels that his penis is smaller. However, the person may not have a small penis, but still, he is anxious about an imaginary defect.

Symptoms of small penis syndrome :

It is common in men to have a feeling that their penis is small in size. Once a man suffers from this anxiety, he often faces the following symptoms.

  • They keep on measuring the penis size.
  • Even after having a standard penis size, men have a wrong feeling that there is short.
  • Most of them have inaccurate perceptions about the real penis size.
  • Men start feeling embarrassed and often get frustrated.
  • Most of them face huge problems while having intercourse due to the anxiety in them.
  • They can suffer from various sexual issues like erectile dysfunction.
  • Men often remain obsessed with the appearance of penis size.

Effective treatment :

As per research, it has been revealed that men often suffer from mild to moderate nervousness regarding their penis size. Here people need doctor’s help to overcome anxiety.

  • CBT or Cognitive behavioural therapy

This therapy helps the person to understand how their worries affect their lifestyle and behaviours. This treatment is the best way to reduce concerns among men.

  • Diagnosing the problem

It is necessary to diagnose the exact reason for this anxiety. For example, it can be due to relationship problems that can raise this worry. Once the reason is diagnosed, it becomes easier to manage the situation.

  • Counselling

For men who are suffering from anxiety of micropenis, counselling can help them a lot in getting over the stress.