Inflammation of the testicles is known as Orchitis, and many suffer from this problem due to bacteria and viruses. Sometimes men may face difficulties in both testicles, whereas sometimes in one. It is suggested to pay a visit to a testicle doctor specialist in Pune to get proper medication and recover from this pain.

Symptoms and Indications of Orchitis:


Once an individual starts suffering from Orchitis, he will feel pain in the testicles. Bacterial Orchitis is the outcome of epididymitis, whereas viral Orchitis is the result of mums virus. Here the patient needs to consult with the best doctor for testicular pain in Pune. Apart from that, one can also face the following symptoms-

  • Feeling pain during urination and ejaculation
  • Men will meet abnormal discharge and inflamed prostate.
  • He will notice blood in semen.
  • Men will notice an inflamed scrotum, and they need to consult with a testicular pain specialist in Pune.
  • Many suffer from fever and nausea.

Whenever you face any of the above problems, you need to consult with a specialist for orchialgia treatment in Pune

Risk Factors:


Several factors are responsible for the result of Orchitis. A person is more likely to get affected by nonsexual transmitted Orchitis when

  • He is not vaccinated against mums
  • The person suffers from urinary infection at regular intervals.
  • A person has gone under surgery on the urinary tract.

A person suffers from microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord risks. Besides the above mentions risks, a person can also suffer from Orchitis due to sexually transmitted infections. If the person has multiple sexual partners and having sex without condoms, he is more likely to get attacked by sexually transmitted diseases. These infections may cause Orchitis in men.

In this situation, it is necessary to have consulted with doctors and have micro denervation of the spermatic cord treatment in Pune.