ESWL or extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is considered the most effective kidney stone treatment in Pune for those suffering from a kidney stone. The treatment got introduced in the year 1980, and this treatment becomes extremely popular as it does not require any incision.

 Procedure of ESWL:


Hence a patient needs to take the guidance of a Urology Specialist in Pune about the ESWL. Before the surgery, the doctor will ask you to submit all the necessary reports to get them reviewed by the Best Urologist Doctor in Pune. The doctor will review the medical as well as the physical examination.

Within one month of surgery, the patient needs to conduct all test in the Best Urology clinic in Pune. The coordinator will assist the patient in fixing an appointment. Depending on the age and medical history, the Urology doctor in Pune also suggests the tests like an electrocardiogram, complete blood count, blood coagulation profile, and blood chemistry profile.

Doctors will suggest avoiding the medications like aspirin. Coumadin, Celebrex, Ibuprofen, and Motrin. It is also necessary to check that urine remains free from infection.

Experienced kidney stone specialist in Pune conducts ESWL using general anesthesia or by using under intravenous sedation. The operation takes only an hour by using a computerized x-ray machine. But here, you need to check the Urology operation cost in Pune. 

Benefits of ESWL:


Many doctors suggest ESWL as this is a completely non-invasive technique. This treatment does not involve any skin incision, and hence there will be no scar on the skin.

ESWL uses shock wave therapy to fragment the stones into tiny pieces. Automatically these tiny stones will pass through the bladder.

However, this treatment is mostly preferable for those having small kidney stones. Patients also need to check kidney stone operation cost in Pune before opting for this treatment.