What are bladder stones?

Bladder stones, also known as vesical calculus, are identified as the accumulation of solid masses of minerals in your bladder. Dr. Irfan Shaikh is one of the Best Urologists in Pune, who is also a Bladder Stone specialist in Punetreats his patient with utmost care and generosity.


  • When someone faces trouble while urination, for example, bladder not emptying, it results in bladder stones.
  • A dehydrated system also accelerates the chances of suffering from bladder stones.
  • Due to an enlarged prostate, the urethra is pressed, causing a restriction in proper urine flow.
  • Bladder stones can also be caused by medical devices, like catheters, if they advance towards the bladder.
  • Kidney stones might lead to bladder stones too, if they are restricted in the bladder while traveling to the urethra.


  • Discoloration of urine (dark or cloudy), blood might be spotted, with urine. An irregular schedule of urination can also be a symptom.
  • Frequent urge to pee resulting from a weak bladder, especially during the night.
  • The patient might suffer from lower abdominal pain. Men can have pain around their penis.


  • One should stay hydrated as water can break the stones or dissolve them so that they can pass through the urethra.
  • You might need professional help if the bladder stones are large. In those cases, the stones are either broken down into small pieces or removed through an operation. One of the best medicine for bladder infection urinary alkalization used to break down the stones into small pieces and dissolve them.


  • The double voiding process can help to empty the remaining urine left in the urinary bladder.
  • Drinking loads of water can help in the case of discolouration or bloody urine.
  • If the symptoms are extreme, one must consult a doctor immediately.

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