Suffering from various urological disorders is common in men. Therefore, taking care of urology is one of the significant areas of men’s health. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know the types of urology issues that men commonly suffer from. Let us discuss the health issues below.

BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia:

Enlarged prostate is common in many men, and it is known as BPH. The prostate is a gland that locates between the penis and the bladder, gets swallowed and creates problems in urination. As a result, men often can suffer from the problems like difficulty in urination or drooling toward the end of the urination.

ED or Erectile dysfunction:

Often, men feel problems in having an erection, which can be due to an enlarged prostate gland. Doctors suggest necessary medication and testosterone replacement to get rid of this problem. There are rare cases when men need surgery to get rid of this problem. Experts always suggest that changes in lifestyle like regular exercise, losing weight, stress reduction can be a long term remedy for Erectile dysfunction.


Infection at the urinary tract:

Many times men feel a burning sensation during urination due to infection in the urinary tract. Here men need to pay a visit to a specialist urologist. The specialist will test the urine to make sure whether the problem is arisen due to infection or not. In general, treatment with antibiotics can help patients get rid of this problem.


Suffering from infertility is no doubt painful for both men and women. Men have infertility due to abnormalities in the production of sperm, genetic imperfections or undescended testicles. An expert urologist can determine the cause of infertility and will suggest the best treatment.

Stones in kidney:

People suffer from kidney stones when uric acid and cysteine start accumulating in the kidney. It slowly affects the urinary tract, and men suffer from huge pain. The urologist suggests either surgery or medication, depending on the size of the stone.


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