In this hectic lifestyle, it is tough to stay healthy and fit. Many skip regular health checking until they get sick. Especially men hardly visit a doctor for general health checking. But if men can follow some simple tips, they can maintain a healthy life in the future. Due to improper lifestyle, men often suffer from health issues for which they need to consult with Best Andrology and Urology Specialist in Pune. Men can opt for the following ten health tips to lead a healthy life. Dr. Irfan Shaikh is the Best Andrologist in Pune who will guide the best health care solution for Men’s Health.

  • Well-balanced diet:

Doctors always suggest that a man should take a well-balanced diet. Men need to consume food low in carbs, fat, and salt. He must take enough veggies and fresh fruits to stay healthy.

  • Moderate workout:

If a man consults with the best Urology doctor in Punehe will suggest daily moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes. Daily physical activity will keep maintaining the blood circulation and will keep you healthy. If you do not get time for 30 minutes daily workout, you can opt for 10 minutes of intense activity.

  • Lose weight:

Obesity in men causes immense health issues in men. It can cause dysfunction in men and will lead them to have Andrology treatment in Pune. Hence it is suggested to lose the gut for food and lose weight.

  • Low consumption of alcohol:

Doctors always suggest consuming alcohol at a moderate pace. Men should consume less than two drinks per day. Excess consumption of alcohol will raise health issues like heart problems, stroke, sexual dysfunction, etc.

  • Stop smoking:

Tobacco affects men’s health. It lowers the sperm count, enhances the risk of heart attack and stroke. It increases blood pressure level, causes cancer too. Men having an addiction to smoking often go under Andrology Treatment and ask doctors about Andrology surgery costs in Pune.

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