Men who suffer from Varicocele, often face low sperm count. Research shows that hardly 15 % of men suffer from this health issue. This treatment gets cured with the help of microsurgery or laparoscopic surgery. Men can get the necessary information about this treatment from an expert Varicocele surgeon in Pune.

But, many opt for non-surgery treatment for Varicocele. Men who opt for Varicocele non-surgical treatment in Pune can enjoy more benefits. Here you can take a look at the benefits that a man can obtain from non-surgical Varicocele treatment.

  • Doctors opt for the method known as embolization for non-surgery treatment of Varicocele. It takes almost two to three weeks to get recover from surgical treatment for Varicocele. But in non-surgical treatment, men can get back to their regular life within a short time frame, like one or two days.


  • Surgical treatment requires using anesthesia, but non Varicocele treatment in Pune does not require anesthesia. Using anesthesia affects the entire body, and men remain unconscious for a long time. It can induce other complications. In the case of non-surgical treatment, local anesthesia is used, and it is safe to use.


  • If you opt for surgical treatment of Varicocele, you need to admit to the hospital. The Best varicocele surgeon in Pune and nurses will monitor your health condition before the surgery. But the non-surgical treatment does not require overnight hospitalization. The patient can go home after the treatment on the same day.


  • Surgical treatments always involve an incision. This incision results in scarring in the future. But men will stay free from any incision in non-surgical treatment for Varicocele. Hence the doctor will do a small perforation that will not leave any scar afterwards.


  • Moreover, the non-surgical treatment for Varicocele is free from risk than surgical treatment. Hence, men find it beneficial and hassle-free. The non-surgical treatment will permit you to start exercise in seven to ten days.

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