Penile Implant has emerged as one of the most successful treatments for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. In addition, studies prove that a penile implant does not interfere with sexual activity. Rigicon Penile Implant has added some new features and advancements to penile implant treatment.

Among advanced penile implant treatments, Rigicon Infla10X seems successful for those suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction. This penile prosthesis treatment has offered success to many people suffering from ED for a long time.

Doctors place two cylindrical rods and a pump inside the scrotum in this penile prosthesis treatment. A reservoir is also placed inside the cavity of the abdomen.

Check the essential features of Rigicon Penile implants

This implant has received the first FDA approval. Here all can check the advanced features of this Rigicon penile implant technology,

  • This treatment has all similar parts to the 3-piece penile implant treatment. RigiconInfla 10X comes with HydroShield™ Coating. Surfaces of all the external components of Infla10X are coated with hydrophilic. This coating absorbs all types of aqueous solutions; thus, doctors find it easy to implant the device.
  • This treatment will help easy inflating & deflating during sexual intercourse.
  • The Infla 10X comes with AdaptiveReservoir™. The reservoir is made with adaptive material. The reservoir adapts itself to the human body.
  • This prosthesis operation consists of NarrowBody™ Cylinders. This cylinder helps in meeting all types of anatomical requirements of a person.
  • The presence of Easy-Click™ Connectors has made this surgery more popular. The implants can get connected easily without any extra assembly tools. This treatment also comes with ConnectSecure ™ Extenders, which help provide a strong and stiff connection.
  • The implant process is available in 3 variants and these are Narrow Body, X, and AX.
  • The treatment is durable and comes with a low aneurysm tendency.

Men who want to know more about this treatment can contact Dr. Irfan Shaikh, Pune, and can opt for this treatment under proper guidance.

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