Men often feel embarrassed with ED or erectile dysfunction. The underlying cause of ED is the inadequate blood supply to the penis. Different treatments are available for ED. Among them, Shockwave Therapy for ED in Pune is considered one of the most effective ones. 

How does shockwave therapy work?


Under this treatment, the doctors will apply a low-intensity shock wave to the penis. Experts use a get to conduct the shockwave therapy. Commonly, this treatment does not require an anesthetic, but patients may feel an irritation in the treatment spot.

The Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Pune applies a set of shocks per minute, and this session continues for 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes, many people require repeat treatments.

Shockwave therapy generates energy that rouses the growth of blood vessels via angiogenesis. The enhancement in the blood flow will augment erectile function.

The study has shown that this therapy has made a good enhancement in the erection quality. This therapy repairs the tissue accelerated and helps in proper cell growth.

Devices used in shockwave therapy

 Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Pune uses different types of advanced shockwave therapy. The devices are

  • Compact shockwave with 6” LCD touchscreen
  • Shockwave 2 Channel offers the support of double SWT applicators.
  • Single-end shockwave therapy device with 7” color touch screen.

Side Effects:


The expert Erectile Dysfunction Doctor in Pune will recommend whether you need shockwave therapy or not. The treatment is still under experiment. Possible side effects of shockwave therapy will include,

  • Penile skin may get stained
  • The patient can notice blood in the urine
  • Erection may become painful.
  • You may notice an infection in the penile skin.
  • Due to painful erection, men will face problems during sexual intercourse.

However, many researchers are carrying on their research on shockwave therapy and hope that this treatment will soon succeed. For more details or for ED Treatment Contact Dr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Clinic, Pune.