Suffering from swollen testicles is extremely painful. Inflammation in testicles can cause medications or injury. Individuals who are suffering from inflammation in testicles need to take advice from a testicular pain specialist in Pune.

 Causes and Symptoms of Testicles Inflammation:


Several reasons are responsible for inflammation in testicles. Expert testicle doctor specialists in Pune will let you know that people suffer from this problem due to injury, fluid collection, infection, and hernia.

Once you feel inflammation in the testicles, you will also face feelings like nausea, pain in the testicles, and vomiting. In this situation, it is necessary to pay a visit to the best doctor for testicular pain in Pune

Many times testicle swelling can cause serious health issues, which can be life-threatening too.

Treatments for Swollen Testicles:


Men who face problems with inflamed testicles need to take advice from the doctors to have proper treatment.

  • If Emergency:

If the situation is an emergency, it is necessary to seek emergency treatment. If you are feeling nausea with severe pain on both the testicles, you need to rush to the Best Andrology Specialist in Pune. 

The doctors will do the necessary physical examination and will conduct the tests like ultrasound and urinalysis.

If doctors find the inflammation is due to bacterial infection, they will suggest the necessary medications for that.

  • Treatment at Home: 

If the inflammation is not in a severe condition, you can take suggestions from the doctors for andrology treatment in Pune regarding the home treatment of inflamed testicles.

You can try ice packs for the first 24 hours. To elevate the swelling, placing a rolled-up towel between the legs will also help a lot.

Experts suggest wearing loose-fitting athletic supporters regularly at home. It is also suggested to abstain from excessive activity until the swelling reduces.

The above-mentioned homemade remedies are effective to get the best treatment.

Thus, if you are facing the above symptoms then must consult with Best Andrologist and Urologist in Pune – Dr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Clinic, Pune.