Yes! Drinking Alcohol Can Affect Your Sex Life, People drink alcohol to feel relaxed and socialize. Many feel that consumption of alcohol can reduce stress and help them to enjoy better sex life. One or two drinks can be a good option to enjoy a sex life, but excess consumption can wreck your sex life.

Impact on females

Drinking excess alcohol can impact female arousal and responsiveness. It also creates an adverse effect on sexual behavior in females. On the other hand, normal consumption of alcohol can enhance the level of male hormones in women, and thus they feel more arousal.

However, as per experts, small consumption of alcohol can enhance female arousal, but if women consume more excessive alcohol, that can have a negative impact on women. Again as per research, it has been revealed that women can have more sexual partners and can suffer from STT if they get involved in sexual activity after heavy drinking.

Women will find it tough to orgasm or will experience low sex drive in case they consume huge amounts of alcohol.

Impact on males

Like women, men also can suffer from varied sexual disorders due to heavy drinking habits. Men will suffer from erections problems if they consume heavy drinks daily. Whenever men consume huge amounts of alcohol, it sends messages to the brain to fill the penis with blood. Alcohol can lower the level of testosterone in men.

Men also can suffer from problems with orgasm. Huge consumption of alcohol can lower the capability to sense sexual stimulation. Men will find it tough to ejaculate, or they will ejaculate earlier than expected time.

Once men suffer from low testosterone levels, they will experience low fertility, and this will adversely impact sperm production. As a result, men can often engage in risky sexual behavior like intercourse without taking any protection, etc.

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