Sex is a great way to eliminate stress from your life. However, many people experience sexual problems. To help and your partner steam things up, we have listed eleven better ways to keep a healthy sex life.

11 Better Ways to Keep Healthy Sex Life

  1. Focus on your intimacy

We all deal with high stress in our lives. But, you need to focus on your intimacy with your partner. This will enable you to reach your optimum level of orgasm.

  1. Build Sexual Confidence

At times, we all find it difficult to deal with our body image. It is important to be fully confident to experience sexual satisfaction. If your partner feels insecure about their body, you need to enhance their confidence to better your sex life.

  1. Check the sexual health of your partner

Most of us feel uncomfortable while asking our partners about their sexual history. For instance, you can ask them whether they took an STD test. Knowing these things will intensify your sexual chemistry as you will be free from all worries.

  1. Be Comfortable

If you want some stimulation before you have sex, do not be hesitate to ask for some foreplay. This will enhance your sex life.

  1. Touching

You can tell your partner the places you like to be touched. It will help you to have better arousal.

  1. Lubricate

Lubrication is important to make your sex life seamless. Therefore, do not shy away from trying some lubricating gels and liquids.

  1. Educate yourself

If your partner is facing sexual problems, you can try to educate yourself on that issue. For that, you can browse the internet or read books on sexual health.

  1. Avoid chasing

Your partner may not always be in the mood for sex. Try to respect their boundaries, and save the sex for later.

  1. Schedule some time

We humans always work on a schedule. It is important to schedule sex as well because it will help both you and your partner to prepare for sex.

  1. Positions

Try new positions so as to spice things up. Experimenting with new positions will also enhance your orgasm.

  1. Give time to yourself

As we age, it takes us a long time to reach sexual satisfaction. Find a setting that is interruption-free to optimize your sex life.


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