The size of the penis determines the masculinity in men, and men are always concern about the perfect size of the penis. They often feel depressed if their testicle size is inadequate. With the advancement in medical science, Penile Treatment in Pune helps men get their desired penis size.

Penile enlargement treatment has become quite popular among men in recent days. This treatment comes in both surgical and non-surgical ways. Again, many are happy with the length of the penis, but they desire more girth. Girth or thickness enhancement surgery is also one of the most significant ways to give men enough satisfaction. Men can consult with the Best Andrologist in Pune to have girth enhancement surgery.

Techniques of girth enhancement surgery:


This surgery comes with two common techniques. The first one is Liposuction. Here the fat from the thighs and abdomen are taken out, and then these are put under the testicle skin. But, over time, this fat gets absorbed by the body. Hence this treatment is temporary. To have this surgery, you need to search which doctor to consult for foreskin problems.

In the second process, doctors take out the fat and the grafted skin from the buttock and then inoculate it into the penile skin. This procedure lasts for a long time. However, enough research is yet to make to comment more on this surgery. You can ask your doctor for foreskin surgery in Pune. 

Ideal for whom? 


Girth surgery is ideal for men who are not satisfied with the penis length and thickness. Hence, those who want a bigger and thick testicle can opt for girth and foreskin treatment in Pune

Apart from surgery, some oral therapies are also there for penile girth enhancement. However, these treatments do not have enough shreds of evidence to support them. Well, here you need to know foreskin treatment cost in Pune before you opt for this treatment.

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