It has been noticed that many newborn baby boys often suffer from different types of urological issues. However, it is also good to notice that most of these issues can get cured at an early age. Hence, if you notice that your baby boy is suffering from any such problem, you need to take him to the Best Urology clinic in Pune.

Types of urological issues in baby boys:

  •  Undescended testicles:

This is one of the most common urological problems among little boys. As per research, it has been noticed that normally this problem gets over at the age of six. But in some cases, parents need to take suggestions from Best Urologist Doctor in Pune.

  • Hypospadias:

Baby boys who are born with a penile abnormality often suffer from this issue. Here the urinary whole situates at the wrong position. To recover from this problem, parents need to take their child to a Urology doctor in Pune. 

  • Swelling around the testicles:

This problem is also known as hydrocele. Here, in this case, the scrotum remains filled with the fluid of the baby boy. If your baby boy is suffering from this problem, you need to take him to a Child urologist in Pune. 

  • Swallowed testicles:

During puberty, a boy’s testicles get heavier and often become swallowed too. As a result, boys often may face pain and redness in that areas. If this situation occurs, consulting with the Urology Specialist in Pune will be the best option.

  • Neurological disorder:

Many times, it is noticed that baby’s bladder can get suffered from a neurological disorder. In this situation, you need to rush to a Pediatric specialist in Pune to get the best solution.

  • Swelling in kidneys:

This problem can arise in newborn babies before they are born. Proper child urological treatment in Pune can offer the best solution to these problems.

Here the parents also need to know the Urology operation cost in Pune before they opt for any surgery for their babies. Dr.Irfan Shaikh gives the best urology treatment for your child/adult at Urolife Clinic, Pune. Book an Appointment Now!!