Varicocele is known to as one of the most prominent causes of infertility in men. At present, many men suffer from infertility issues, and many cases are due to Varicocele. This is when the testicles of men get dried, and it declines the ability of fertility in men.

Once this problem arises in men, it can block the blood circulation to the other reproductive system of your body. It has been noticed that almost 15 percent of adults and 20 percent of adolescent males suffer from this problem.

 What is varicocelectomy?


Varicocele is caused in men due to inflamed veins in the scrotum. Doctors remove these inflamed veins with the help of a surgery that is known as varicocelectomy. With this surgery, it is possible to restore the blood flow system into the reproductive system in men.

 Process of this surgery


Not all are aware of the surgery varicocelectomy. Patients can go home on the same day after the surgery. Here you need to talk to your doctors and let them know whether you are taking any medications or not.

Doctors will instruct for some fasting instructions, and you need to follow that. Doctors will suggest not to drink or eat anything before 8 to 12 hours.

Doctors use general anesthesia, and they will use a bladder catheter to remove urine while unconscious.

The most effective and common process of varicocelectomy is laparoscopic surgery. Here doctors will make several minor cuts in the lower abdomen and will insert the laparoscope.

They will insert surgical tools through these tiny cuts and disconnect the enlarged vein that stops the blood flow. Once the surgery is done, they will seal the cuts.

Apart from surgery, many specialists also suggest Varicocele treatment, and they claim that these treatments are more beneficial than surgical treatments. Consult with Dr. Irfan Shaikh for any urological or andrological issues at Urolife Clinic, Pune.