Hymenoplasty is a surgery to repair hymens. Women who have been a part of premarital sex generally do this operation before their marriage. Many of these women believe that hymenoplasty can bring back their virginity. But, this is entirely a misconception.

5 myths and facts about Hymenoplasty

  • Myth: Hymenoplasty provides certification for virginity

Fact: Hymenoplasty repairs any hymen that is torn. But, it cannot make you a virgin. This is because a virgin is someone who has no past history of indulging in sexual intercourse.

The hymen is a mucosal skinny tissue that forms the opening of the vagina in the outer part. Once it’s torn, people deem the woman to have lost her virginity. That is why most women perform hymenoplasty before their marriage. However, it will not make you a virgin.

  • Myth: You cannot insert tampons or masturbate after you get done with Hymenoplasty

Fact: There are several women who do not have hymen. Hence, if you masturbate before getting hymenoplasty, you can do the same even after the procedure. It is true that during the recovery period, one must avoid inserting tampons or masturbating. But, you can do both after your recovery.

  • Myth: Hymenoplasty restricts someone to wearing tight clothes

Fact: Any operation concerning your lower body like hymenoplasty will prevent you from wearing tight clothes during the period of recovery. Therefore, wearing tight clothes has nothing to do with hymenoplasty.

  • Myth: Hymenoplasty makes you more prone to urinal infection

Fact: Your hymen and urination have no relation with each other. Hymenoplasty has few side effects. After hymenoplasty, you may have a urinal infection. But, they have no direct relation.

  • Myth: Hymenoplasty leads to irregular menstrual cycles

Fact: Hymenoplasty happens at the surface level of your vagina. It does not even consist of the entire vagina. Hence, hymenoplasty cannot lead to irregular menstrual cycles.ur

Conclusion :-

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