What is Laser Lithotripsy?

Laser lithotripsy is a treatment used for fragmenting the stones present in the kidney or bladder through laser.

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  • An endoscope is inserted inside the system to get a clearer view of the stones present in the urinary tract or kidney, or bladder.
  • Later, the stones are broken down through laser therapy so that the fragmented pieces could easily flow down through urine.


  • Incomplete fragmentation of stones may lead to discomfort or pain during urination due to the larger fragments, which might need further treatment.
  • A consistent pain around the urinary tract or ureter may indicate an infection that might need professional help.
  • Persistent fever or shiver might pinpoint towards an infection too.
  • Stone fragments trapped in any part of the urinary tract might cause trouble during urination.


  • In comparison to extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, laser lithotripsy has a higher success rate during the past years.
  • The chances of fragments kept broken incompletely are low, and so are the complications related to them.
  • This procedure can be executed upon patients with larger stones, and even on people kept on thinner blood medication.

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