A large percentage of individuals have faced problems with erection at least once in their lives, and they should not be much concerned regarding it. However, if you face erectile issues on regular instances, then you should consult with the Best Doctor for Erectile Dysfunction(ED). 

If you cannot develop an erection firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse, then you might have erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Although with increasing age, a majority of men face this issue, it can also occur due to the following reasons:

  • Stress and Anxiety:

If you have excessive stress in your work life, then you might face erectile issues. Performance anxiety, which refers to getting nervous about your performance in bed beforehand, can also cause erectile dysfunction. Although this is not a physical condition, it is a psychological one. Unless you manage to remove the blockage from your mind and take the Erectile Dysfunction(ED) treatment in Pune, your situation will not improve.

  • Diabetes:

Men who have diabetes can also start experiencing erectile issues even before their age progresses. Diabetes is also considered to be a major risk factor of ED because it damages the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis.

  • High cholesterol:

When your cholesterol levels are high, there is an increased chance of impaired blood flow due to clogged arteries. As a result of this, enough blood might not reach your penis, thus disabling it from getting an erection.

  • Cycling or Biking:

Biking for a prolonged duration without changing your position on the saddle can damage the nerves of your pelvic region. If you are feeling numbness in your penis after a long ride, you should cut on the number of miles you ride on your bike or cycle every week.

Talk to your Erectile Dysfunction(ED) Urologist in Pune about the symptoms you are experiencing. Please do not be embarrassed about it as today it affects one out of five men over the age of 40.Consult with Dr. Irfan Shaikh for the Further Treatment and guidance to prevent Erectile Dysfunction.