PSA or Prostate-specific antigen is a protein, and it is produced normally in the body. PSA test is necessary for those who are suffering from prostate cancer. This test determines the presence of PSA levels in the blood. If any person suffers from prostate cancer, the PSA level in the blood often gets elevated. PSA test will help to check the presence of PSA levels in the blood. In the year 1986, FDA approved this test.

Since 2008, there has been a buzz among physicians regarding prostate cancer’s benefits and probable advantages. As per some physicians, regular screening with a PSA test for Prostate Cancer can involve certain risks. An individual between the age group 55-69 needs to discuss the probable threats of a PSA test before they opt for the same. Doctors don’t recommend PSA tests for individuals who are 70 or above.

Is the PSA test accurate?

It has been noticed that the PSA test for prostate Cancer cannot show accurate results for 15% of cancers. However, research has also revealed that almost 3 in 4 men will not have cancer with a raised PSA level.

Benefits of PSA test for Prostate Cancer

Individuals need to check the benefits of undergoing a PSA test. This test will assure you regarding the normal PSA level in the blood. In addition, the test will help to diagnose cancer and early treatment. Early treatment will help you to get recovered from cancer.

Cons of PSA Test

Besides all advantages, the PSA test comes with certain disadvantages. Hence, you need to check the limitations of the PSA test.

  • PSA tests can miss cancer, and sometimes they can provide a false report.
  • Sometimes it can cause unnecessary anxiety in men despite having no cancer.
  • This test cannot check the difference between slow-grown cancer and fast-grown cancer.
  • Patients can get worried about slow-growing cancer, which is hardly harmful.

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