What is Prostate Cancer?

When the cells located in the prostate gland begin to grow excessively, it leads to prostate cancer. The prostate gland is in the shape of a walnut that is situated between the penis and the bladder. Dr. Irfan Shaikh is a prostate cancer specialist in Pune, who works under Urolife Care Clinic, a prostate cancer hospital in Pune is a professional who has extreme knowledge about his field and profession.

Some of the various symptoms of prostate cancer are listed down: –

  • The patient might feel a sudden urge to urinate, especially at night; moreover, they might also urinate before even reaching the washroom. Sometimes, they even feel that their bladder hasn’t emptied suitably. Dr Irfan Shaikh, a prostate cancer doctor in Pune, provides the patient with the best possible treatment and technology available at a rational prostate cancer operation cost in Pune.


  • You might also undergo an unexplained weight loss if you are suffering from this disease.


  • The patient might suffer from erectile dysfunction, back pain, and hip pain caused by an enlarged prostate.


  • Blood can be noticed in the urine or semen of the affected person.


  • A weak or disrupted flow of urine, in addition to the difficulty to initiate the process of urination. In severe cases, you might feel a sense of burning or discomfort while urinating.


  • In case cancer exceeded the prostate gland and spread to others.


  • The patient might feel tired and dizzy the whole day. Due to fluid accumulation in the legs, they become swollen.

Dr. Irfan Shaikh plays a huge role in accelerating the prostate cancer operation success rate in Pune through his effective prostate cancer treatment methodwhich has been beneficial to many people. For more details, Call on 8686353030 or Contact us here.