What is Kidney Cancer?


If the cells present in the kidney grow out of control or begin to multiply excessively, it leads to kidney cancer.

Renal cell carcinoma is a type of kidney cancer that mostly targets adults, whereas children mainly develop Wilms’ tumors. Dr.Irfan Shaikh, one of the best kidney cancer doctors in Pune, has executed his Kidney Cancer Treatment in Pune on several patients suffering from extreme cases of kidney cancer.

Symptoms and Signs:


It is always advised to consult a professional right away when you notice any symptoms mentioned below:

  • The patient might feel feverish or chills, which isn’t caused by an infection and wouldn’t go away.
  • Dark-colored urine, blood can be observed too.
  • The patient might feel weak or tired without doing exhausting activities; they can even develop anaemia, causing extreme fatigue.
  • Unexplained weight loss without dieting or any sort of exercise.
  • Back pain, which might sound pretty normal but is a sign of kidney cancer too. The extremity of the pain varies from person to person; one should consult a doctor right away if the pain persists after few weeks.
  • The patient might develop a thick, hard bump under their skin around the abdomen where the kidney is placed.
  • The patient might suffer from swollen legs and ankles.

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