In the past few weeks, you may have heard the news that lots of men are scared of taking the COVID-19 vaccines. They fear that the vaccine would result in the problem, like Erectile Dysfunction. However, the truth is that the virus itself can be the cause of ED. Scientists and researchers have found that men affected with COVID-19 have a higher chance of Erectile Dysfunction. No vaccine manufacturers have found that their products can cause sexual disorders, like Erectile Dysfunction.

The recent scientific data has revealed that the deadly coronavirus can increase your risk of ED by almost 6 times. Interestingly, men with Erectile Dysfunction have a higher risk of getting infected with SARS-CoV-2.

For men with a history of COVID-19, the estimated risk of developing ED was 5.66 higher. Those numbers remained even after other factors were considered.

In a study conducted by Emmanuelle A. Jannini, MD (the endocrinology professor), it is found that men who have once COVID-19 infection are at higher risk of suffering from ED. Erectile Dysfunction, caused by COVID-19, maybe a short-term and long-term issue.

Why COVID-19 Can Cause Erectile Problems:

There is a connection between our reproductive and vascular systems. We know that the virus can result in hyper inflammation, especially affecting our heart and its adjacent muscles. That is why blood cannot reach the penis and affect the vascular condition.  Moreover, sexual activity has a relation to our mental health. The depression caused by COVID-19 can result in sexual dysfunction.

ED symptoms indicate some other health issues. The virus infection can deteriorate the overall health, and it will result in erectile problems. To avoid these issues, men have to take the vaccine.

The spokeswoman Covid-19 vaccination program (Indonesia), Siti Nadia Tarmizi, stated that Covid-19 vaccines would never harm your genitals. These vaccines stimulate our immunity, and they have no ingredients to cause your impotence. Psychological problems can be the factors contributing to impotence.

The organizations like WHO and the Drug Authority of India have also said that Covid-19 vaccines will not cause infertility. Some minor side effects can be allergy and fever.

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