A penile implant is an advanced surgical process, and it seems to be an excellent treatment for ED or erectile dysfunction. As per research, it has been noticed that almost 90 to 95 percent of patients achieve a successful result. This treatment creates a simulator for a natural election during intercourse. There is a misconception that penile implants enhance the penis size, but the treatment does not increase the size of the penis.

The penile implant mimics that natural surgery, which helps to retain the natural sensation in men.

This treatment does not make the top of the penis hard. This surgery also does not create any adverse impact on the sensation during intercourse. Reports reveal that almost 80 to 90 percent of patients have shown their affirmation about this surgery.

Why do men need a penile implant?

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can get treated with proper medications and by using penis pumps. But, in most cases, if men cannot have a sufficient erection during sexual activity. Penile implants can cure men of issues like having scars on the penis that can cause curved and painful erections.

Who is the best candidate for penile implants?

Often confuse whether they are fit for penile implants or not. Doctors often suggest that penile implants are not suitable for all men. In case men have situation erectile dysfunction, pulmonary infection, and uncontrolled diabetes, they are not eligible for penile implants. Here men also need to keep in mind that penile implants do not increase the sexual desire of any person.

Risk Involves penile implants.

Like other surgeries, penile implants also include various risks. It can cause infection and develops certain problems. Normally, the surgery is reliable and comes with a huge success rate, but still, there are certain cases where the penile implant can fail.

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