Have you thought of trying any Penis-enlargement methods or products available today? Certain methodologies can be harmful to your penis. To avoid undesirable and unwanted side effects, check the facts about these treatments and products.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Safe?

To rectify a problem, cure an injury, or improve the condition of your penis, your doctor may suggest surgery. However, they are unlikely to suggest surgery to lengthen or widen your penis. Penile enlargement treatment is uncommon and divisive.

Inflammation, scarring, and decreased function are all possible side effects. It might only add approximately a 12-inch (1 centimeter) to the total length of your penis. There isn’t enough research on the surgery’s possible hazards or advantages to say if it’s medically beneficial or not.

Do Penis Enlargement Methods Really Work?

No, most doctors believe that penis enlargement treatments are ineffectual and, at worst, dangerous. The majority of medication comprises vitamins, minerals, plants, and hormones.

Erectile dysfunction medications like sildenafil and tadalafil, the key chemicals in Viagra and Cialis, are found at significant levels in some products. While sildenafil and tadalafil are legal to use under a doctor’s guidance, using them without permission might result in serious side effects.

Penis enlargement risks and adverse consequences

  • Inflammation and infection are two common side effects of penis enlargement operation. These could be serious enough to necessitate the removal of the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by treatment.
  • Furthermore, excessive use of a vacuum pump might harm penile tissue, resulting in weakened erections.


There is no scientific proof that penis weights are effective. Working penile elongation devices will only offer you one inch at most. Furthermore, some specialists believe that hanging weight from your penis could cause major harm. Kindly contact Dr. Irfan Shaikh, Urolife Care Clinic at Pune.