The Urology specialist in Pune stated that the urological problems could not only affect the aged men but also we can find these problems in children. This generally affects the children when their daily routine changes such as they have a new brother or sister in the house or they forget to use the toilet.

 Let us go through 10 such urological issues in children.

 1. Daytime wetting:

Urology doctors in Pune mentioned that it is common for children below the age of 3 or 4 to not have control over their bladder. But, if the children are above the age of 5 or 6 and still do not have control over their bladder, then there may be serious urological issues in them. Hence, in such cases, it is very important to consult the best child urologist in Pune in order to cure this problem.

2. Frequency:

In this problem, the child urinates more than 8 times in the awake hours. Children suffering from such problems need to undergo Pediatric Urology treatment in Pune.

3. Giggle Incontinence:

This is the urological problem generally noticed by the Best Child urological Specialist in Pune, that whenever the child suffering from this problem laughs extremely that his bladder starts leaking, which causes him daytime wetting. This is a serious issue found amongst children below the age of 10.

4. Hesitancy:

This is the problem in which a child generally takes a long time to start urinating even after his bladder is full. In this case, the child may have to suffer from serious pain. Hence, if you find these symptoms in your son, you should take your son to the Best Urology clinic in Pune, i.e. Urolife Care Clinic, and get your son’s problem cured.

5. Holding Maneuvers:

If you find your son ignoring extremely to go to the washroom by controlling his bladder excessively, then there are chances that your son may suffer from Holding maneuvers.

6. Infrequency:

This is why the child is suffering from the urological problem doest urinate much in quantity. Therefore, you should always consult the best urologist doctor in Pune, i.e. Dr. Irfan Shaikh has treated almost every patient who consulted him for such problems.

 7. Weak urine stream:

When the flow of urine is very slow in speed and amount (or quantity), then the child may suffer from this problem.


The child may experience a sudden need to urinate. The need for urinating may be to such an extent that the child may find it impossible to control his urine for a while.

 9. Pain:

The child may suffer from huge pain while urinating. This is often a big urological issue that needs to be cured. Thus, if your child is suffering from this pain, then always take him to Urolife Care Clinic. The Urology operation cost in Pune is very affordable, and the results are often satisfactory.

10. Urinary tract infection:

In this infection, the urine of the child may have a foul smell and may contain blood in it. In this infection, the child may have cloudy urine.


If you find the above-mentioned problems in your son, then consult the doctor as these problems can further affect the body and may cause severe dangerous problems. Book an Appointment !!