A kidney stone is also recognized as renal calculi, which is a solid mass that is made of crystals. These solid masses are firm deposits of minerals and salts.

Kidney stones- categories:


Kidney stones are made of various crystals. 

  • The very common form of kidney stone is calcium stone. This crystal is made of calcium oxalate.
  • The next is uric acid stone. Men mostly suffer from this problem than women.
  • Women mainly suffer from a struvite kidney stone.

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Symptoms of kidney stone:


It is not always possible to understand the symptoms when you get affected by kidney stones. Individuals can feel the existence of stone in the kidney only when it starts passing into their ureters. The probable indications that alarm you that you are suffering from kidney stone are-

  • You will suffer severe pain below the rib, both side, and back.
  • Men will feel that the circulation of the pain to the lower abdomen and groin. You must consult with the doctors at the best hospital for kidney treatment in India once you suffer from such pain.
  • You will feel that the intensity of the pain gets fluctuated.
  • You will feel immense pain while urinating.
  • Urine may get cloudy and foul-smelling.

Causes of kidney stone:


Once you are suffering from the above symptoms, you will take advice from the best clinic for kidney disease in Pune. Besides taking the treatment, one should understand the causes of kidney stones. People mainly get attacked with this disease due to

  • Obesity.
  • Lack of drinking water.
  • High protein or sodium diet.
  • Family history, and more.

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