Andrology Treatment Cost in Pune, Andrology deals with men’s reproductive health, including infertility, erectile dysfunction, and urological issues.

 Andrology  Issues:

Some of the major andrology issues are listed below.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

The incapacity of a man to achieve an erection while sexual intercourse or masturbation is termed as erectile dysfunction.

  • Infertility

The inability of the sperm to fertilize with the egg can be caused by many factors like low sperm production, distorted sperm, low sperm motility, etc.

  • Prostate illness

The prostate gland is associated with semen production in men. Some of the major issues related to the prostate gland are prostatitis, prostate cancer, prostate gland enlargement, etc.

  • Male hormones deficiency

The shortage of androgens or male hormones may cause issues in male health.

When should you visit a specialist (andrologist)?

  • Varicocele
  • Prostate cancer
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Testicular cancer
  • Infertility
  • Penis enlargement




An andrologist can treat all of the mentioned issues if visited at the right time. The doctor may prescribe medication for lower sperm count, such as L-carnitine, Selenium, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, etc., whereas surgery may be needed for more complicated issues. Dr. Irfan Shaikh from Urolife Care Clinic is much experienced and embodies abundant knowledge regarding his field. His patients never leave his chamber unsatisfied.


  • You must follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.
  • Engage in sexual activities more often.
  • Avoid exposing the testicles to extreme heat.
  • Stress reduction, meditation.
  • Balance your weight.

Treatment cost in Pune


Andrology treatment cost varies from place to place and hospitals to hospitals. It depends upon the issues and their intensity; for example, treatment for erectile dysfunction might cost up to 1.8 lakh, Varicocele surgery may need 5.2 lakh, and prostate cancer treatment for about 38 lakhs.


 If you want to know more about andrology services and treatment must consult with Dr.Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Clinic, Pune. Book an Appointment Now!