Prostate cancer is one of the most talked-topic at present. Huge numbers of men from all parts of the world have prostate cancer, and the numbers have increased over the years. Once the cancer cells start developing inside the prostate, it is known as prostate cancer.

Symptoms of prostate cancer:

 Men need to understand the symptoms that can be the signs of prostate cancer.

  • Men can face problems during urination
  • Blood or semen can get emitted during urination.
  • The urination can be extremely painful

In case the prostate is enlarged, men often can face problems in discomfort while sitting.

 Reasons or causes of prostate cancer:


As per doctors, the exact causes of prostate cancer are still unknown. However, several factors are there for which men can suffer from prostate cancer. First, let’s check some common reasons or causes of prostate cancer.

Family history:


If anyone in your family previously had prostate cancer, you are at risk of getting affected by prostate cancer. It happens as you have inherited the infected DNA. Research says almost 5 to 10 percent of prostate cancer is caused due to genetic causes.

Old age:


It has been noticed that primarily the men after 50 starts getting affected by prostate cancer. Almost 1 in every 14 men who are between 60 to 69 years have prostate cancer.

Unhealthy diet:


An unhealthy diet like the consumption of excess red meat or a high-fat diet can cause prostate cancer. Hence every man should take care of his diet to stay away from prostate cancer.



Prostate cancer is more common in North America or Australia, but in Asia, Africa, men are less likely to get affected by prostate cancer.



Obesity is one of the significant causes of prostate cancer. Hence doctors suggest regular exercises to maintain a balanced weight.

Excessive smoking:


Men who are addicted to smoking are more prone to suffer from prostate cancer.

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