Many men gain confidence from their sexual identity and the appearance of their penises. That is why men who do not like the way their penises look can go for cosmetic circumcision. This will help them have an ideal-looking penis that suits their preference.

Different types of cosmetic circumcision

  • Sleeve technique :-

Some men have a foreskin that hangs loose. In such cases, doctors can achieve circumcision without pulling back or notching the skin. Doctors get the name ‘sleeve technique’ from the resemblance of shortening of the sleeves of a garment.

  • Dorsal slit :-

Other men often complain that they have a tight foreskin again their penises’ corona. This condition refers to phimosis. Doctors can treat phimosis by making a dorsal incision that will release the tight ring around the foreskin. The skin will then pull back and help the doctor in contouring while removing the unwanted or excess material.

  • Proximal Cosmetic Circumcision :-

If you want to preserve your entire foreskin, it will require an extensive procedure. Your doctor will remove a skin strip along the base of the penis and pull the remaining skin back along the shaft. This will retract your foreskin while keeping it intact.

Later, the two skin planes will get suture from the base of your penis. The results of this method will help in the long recovery period. It is because the procedure as a whole is quite complex.

What are the benefits of cosmetic circumcision?

The benefits of cosmetic circumcision include a low risk of spreading or catching diseases transmitted sexually. This consists of HIV and human papillomavirus. In addition, it reduces conditions and infections that lead to the inability of retracting the foreskin or Phimosis. Also, it only takes a week or ten days for the entire healing to happen.


Cosmetic circumcision will help in boosting your confidence. If you want an appointment, you can contact Dr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Care Clinic in Pune.