Suffering from Phimosis in men is not uncommon, and it is the situation where the foreskin cannot get pulled back around the penis tip. Normally baby boys who are not circumcised often suffer from a tight foreskin. However, the problem can get stopped at the age of 3.

What are the symptoms? 

  • In case of infection, men suffer from inflammation or discoloration.
  • The skin of the penis tip gets swelled, and it can get infected & irritated.
  • Men may face pain while urinating.
  • Men will face problems with erections and essential sexual activity.

Prime causes 

The development of Phimosis is natural, and this can harm the skin. It can cause scarring, and it becomes tough to retract the foreskin. The inflammation or infection of the foreskin of the penis tip can cause Phimosis.

Poor hygiene is one of the prime reasons for Phimosis in men. It will cause infection and irritation. Men who suffer from varied skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus, etc can face the problems. Sometimes injuries can also cause problems.


Men need to have some effective treatment to get cured of Phimosis. Here patients need to go under necessary physical treatment. Generally, if any person suffers from Psychological Phimosis, it does not need treatment. Your child will overcome this problem as they grow up.

Another type is pathological, and men suffering from this problem need proper treatment. Experts will suggest individuals use steroid cream to get healed properly.

Experts may also suggest stretching the foreskin gently after 2 weeks of using the steroid cream. If doctors notice that normal medication cannot treat Phimosis, they can suggest surgery.


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