Phimosis is a condition that develops in adults and children if they are not circumcised. It has been noticed that if you are suffering from phimosis, the foreskin cannot get retracted. This situation will look like your penis has rings around the tip. As per experts, phimosis is not essentially a problem, but it can generate problems when it develops specific symptoms, There are many symptoms and causes of Phimosis.

Many are curious to know whether phimosis is common or not. Experts say phimosis arises in nearly all newborns, and the situation will start changing gradually. As per statistics, almost 1% of men have phimosis at 16 years of age. Readers looking for the probable Causes of Phimosis can check the following points.

Causes of Phimosis

Phimosis develops naturally in men. It has been noticed that phimosis occurs in some boys and not in others & the reason behind it is still unknown. As per Phimosis Causes Specialist in Pune, men can suffer from phimosis due to certain conditions when the foreskin is forcibly pulled back before it is ready. If retraction of the foreskin is done by force, the scar will be there on the skin, and it will become tough to retract the skin later.

Suffering from inflammation or any infection on the head of the penis or foreskin can lead to phimosis. The probable causes for phimosis are mentioned below.

  • Men can suffer from phimosis due to poor hygiene.
  • Some skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, or lichen can lead to phimosis as per Phimosis Surgeon in Pune Sexually transmitted infections can cause phimosis.

Hence whenever men face the symptoms like redness on the tip of the penis, pain during urination, etc., they need to consult with professionals for the best Phimosis Treatment in Pune. The experienced healthcare providers will do the necessary physical examination to diagnose the problem. Men can consult with Dr. Irfan Shaikh of Urolife for the best treatment at an affordable price.

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