Ureteral stents refer to small tubes that are kept inside your ureter for helping you pass urine from your kidney into your bladder. These stents help in treating kidney stones. It also assists in preventing any form of blockage.

Common symptoms after using a Ureteral stent

Normal symptoms

  • You will have to go to the washroom frequently. The time interval can be once an hour or every two or three minutes. When you intake fluid, the frequency will rise.
  • You may notice some blood in your urine. The color can range from light pink to dark colors.
  • You can experience spasms of the bladder or ureter. A sensation of cramping in the low or mid-abdomen is similar to muscle cramps.
  • Dysuria, a burning sensation during urination can mild or moderate. You can get rid of this sensation by increasing fluid intake. Moreover, you need to avoid certain medications, food, and drinks.
  • You may get a sense of urgency before you go to pee.

Abnormal symptoms

  • Continuous bloody dark urine doesn’t ease with the increased intake of fluids.
  • Thick tissue or clots in your urine that causes some discomfort while urinating.
  • Constant fever.
  • Sharp pain that doesn’t get relieved by medications.
  • Retention of urine means that you are not able to urinate. If you notice a rising discomfort in the low abdomen with small drops of urine, you must contact the doctor.

What will happen if you remove the ureteral stent by yourself?

You must never try removing the ureteral stent by yourself. It can cause more harm than good. Some of the possible risks are as follows-

  • Infection or damage of ureter, kidney, or bladder.
  • Urine retention.
  • Re-blockage of your ureter with fragments of stones.


You can contact Dr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Clinic in Pune to have your ureteral stents placed.