Penile cancer refers to cancer that affects the penis. It happens when the cells of a penis get out of control. This type of cancer will start in your skin cells and then it can go inside. Penile cancer is rare but you can get it treated at its early stages.

Symptoms of Penile Cancer:-

  • A lump on your penis.
  • Crusty, small bumps.
  • A skin area changes color or becomes thick.
  • A sore or ulcer that bleeds.
  • Velvety and reddish rash.
  • Bluish-brown, flat growths.
  • Smelly fluid or discharge under your foreskin.

Causes of Penile Cancer:-

We cannot know the exact cause of penile cancers. Normal cells of the penis control themselves with substances called gene tumor suppressor products. This prevents them from becoming cancerous and growing fast. E7 and E6 are two proteins that are made by high-risk HPV or human papillomavirus. They block the gene tumor suppressor products that function in cells.

As a result, the cells do not stay in control. Eventually, they will become cancerous. People who use tobacco are more prone to penile cancer. Tobacco makes chemicals that cause cancer and they spread all through the body.

This will damage the DNA that is present inside your penile cells. Genes will control how cells divide and grow. When the damage of DNA affects the genes that control your cell growth, it can lead to cancer.


  • Medication, like a cream for the skin.
  • Lasers that destroy and cut areas that have cancer
  • Cryotherapy consists of a cold liquid or device to destroy or freeze cancerous tissue.
  • Circumcision is a surgery to take away the foreskin.
  • Mohs Surgery to remove the affected skin layer.

Other treatments:-

  • Chemotherapy/ Radiation
  • Penectomy
  • Surgery


If you get diagnosed early, penile cancer can be treated. To know more, ask Dr. Irfan Shaikh at Urolife Care Clinic at Pune.