There are a lot of myths and facts about Erectile Dysfunction, Everywhere about what triggers Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and how to treat it. Visitors may need to eliminate some misconceptions along the route to get the truth.

  • Myth: ED is a natural aspect of becoming older, and men must learn to adapt.
  • Fact: Only because ED is more prevalent in older folks doesn’t mean you have to deal with it.

It’s not uncommon for elderly guys to require more stimulus than they did while they were young to become aroused.

  • Myth: Although ED can be stressful, it is not harmful.
  • Fact: Though ED isn’t harmful in and of itself, it might indicate a major health concern such as heart disease and diabetes.

When you have ED, you must see a therapist. A professional checkup can assist you not only find out what’s causing the problem and discovering a cure that will allow you back towards a more active life.

  • Myth: Since you’re not engaged to your spouse, you can’t get an erection.
  • Fact: Erection issues can be caused by a variety of factors. However, a lack of sexual desire for your partner could be one of these, and it’s far more probable something else is too responsible.
  • Myth: Medication is the only method to cure erectile dysfunction.
  • Fact: ED can be handled in a variety of ways. Most men respond effectively to ED medications that have been FDA approved. Medicines can be taken orally and shot into the penis.


Finally, there are many myths about ED; however, the reality is that it is prevalent and curable. A full appointment can help you learn more about your ED treatment approaches. If you want to consult, reach out to Dr. Irfan Shaikh, Urolife Clinic at Pune.

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Dr. Irfan Shaikh Consultant Urologist, Uro Surgeon & Andrologist (MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery), M.Ch. Urology), is one of the Top Andrologists In Pune.

With the experience of over 11 years in this field, he is well versed in treating all kinds of diseases related to Urology. Dr. Irfan Shaikh, a leading Urologist in Pune, has been working relentlessly for the past 11 years to provide quality healthcare to his patients. He has founded the Urolife clinic, Pune, it’s a one-stop treatment solution for various Urological problems.