Erectile Dysfunction or Erection Dysfunction is a sexual problem in men due to which they cannot keep their penis developed or erect throughout the intercourse or while having sex. Some of the people have occasional ED, which is quite normal. The only solution for this is to consult the best Doctor for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

According to a study, it has been found that over thirty million men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).


Let us look through some of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction(ED): –

  • Insufficient Blood Flow:

In most men, the blood does not flow properly through the penis, or the amount which flows through the penis is not sufficient. The cause of which is erectile dysfunction.

  • Improper Network:

In some of the cases, the brain or the spinal cord is unable to send the signals to the penis which certainly causes erectile dysfunction.

  • Alcohol:

Some of the men have a habit of consuming alcohol in excess. Generally, excess alcohol intake causes erectile dysfunction.

  • Blood Trapping Problems:

In some men, the penis is unable to trap the blood while erection, which again causes erectile dysfunction.

  • Psychology:

This is the most common reason for erectile dysfunction. Most men are not psychologically prepared to have sex due to psychological problems like depression, stress, guilt, anxiety, etc.

Most of the men hesitate to consult the urologist. Especially in big cities like Pune, we could find many of the patients suffering from ED.

Now let us consider that a man is suffering from ED then the most important step that the man should take is to consult the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Urologist in Pune.

This is the most important and the only solution to cure this problem. Only a good urologist can practice Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment in Pune.

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