Suffering from an enlarged prostate is not new to men. Today, a huge percentage of men from all parts of the world claim to have an enlarged prostate. It is a walnut-shaped gland and locates around the urethra. The prostate gland gets it double size during teenage. Then again, after the age of 25, it starts growing.

Problems related to an enlarged prostate:


The disease from suffering from an enlarged prostate is known as BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia. Once this problem arises, men suffer from the following symptoms.

  • Recurrence in urination
  • Men face problems in voiding
  • They can face urinary leakage
  • Infections to the urinary tract can also be there

Diagnosis for BPH:


Once men face the above symptoms, they need to rush to the doctors. The doctors will follow the following examination to diagnose BPH.

  • Digital rectum examination where doctors will insert a finger into the rectum to inspect the enlarged prostate.
  • A urine test is necessary to check whether the prostate enlargement is a case of infection or not.
  • A blood test is necessary to check whether the patient is suffering from a kidney problem or not.

Treatments for BPH:

Most of the time, doctors suggest for medications to get rid of enlarged prostate. Normally patients with moderate symptoms can get a good result with proper medication.

Doctors suggest Alpha Blockers that help to relax the bladder muscles in the prostate. This medicine helps in easy urination. However, consumption of this medicine can cause dizziness in men.

The next effective medicine is a 5-alpha Reductase inhibitor that helps the prostate to get shrank by preventing hormone changes.

Sometimes doctors may recommend a combination of Alpha Blockers and 5-alpha Reductase inhibitor for a better result.


If doctors find that your symptoms reign from moderate to severe, they can suggest insignificantly invasive surgical treatment. If you find any above symptoms, must consult with Dr.Irfan Shaikh for the best treatment for enlarging Prostate or BPH.