Everything You Should Know About Stage 3 Kidney Disease. At present, a huge number of people are suffering from kidney ailments. If proper treatment is not done within time, it will be tough to completely cure kidney ailments. While a person suffers from chronic kidney disease, this will damage the kidney over time. However, further progression can get prevented with proper treatment.

Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease can be of five stages. The first three stages are known as the early state, and the last two stages are advanced. During the first three stages, kidneys can filter the waste of our blood. But, once the kidney ailments reach their advanced stages, it becomes tough to filter the blood.

When a person suffers from chronic kidney ailments, the kidney has already suffered from some damage. This damage is known as eGFR between 30-59. Sometimes, it becomes tough to treat the ailments completely at this stage. However, the treatments included in stage 3 kidney ailments are mentioned below.

  • Here the patients need to get in touch with the doctors regularly.
  • This will help to manage your blood sugar level.
  • Here experts often suggest avoiding further medications; otherwise, it can damage the kidneys.
  • Experts will suggest taking a low-cholesterol diet. Here it is necessary to avoid taking salt and potassium-based food.
  • Patients should avoid smoking
  • Patients should involve in doing exercise on regular basis. It will help in maintaining your weight.

Symptoms of Stage 3 Kidney Ailments

Individuals who suffer from stage 3 kidney ailments will face the symptoms like swelling in the hand & feet, chronic backache, peeing more or less than average.

Hence, to stay relieved from stage 3 kidney ailments, patients need to control their blood sugar level and take a proper diet. It is also suggested to get in touch with doctors whenever necessary.

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