Men who have erectile dysfunction need to consult with the best Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Pune for the proper treatment. Nowadays, shockwave therapy is a highly talked about treatment for ED all over the world.

Despite the fact that this therapy is still under the experimental stage, professionals often suggest shockwave therapy as the most effective solution to get rid of ED. Research has revealed that low-energy shock waves can enhance the efficacy of oral medicines for treating ED.

The best Erectile Dysfunction Doctor in Pune will let you know how this treatment is beneficial to treat erectile dysfunction.

People who are suffering from mild to severe ED can get a massive benefit from this shockwave therapy. This treatment proves suitable for those men who

  • Wants a treatment to converse the fundamental facts of erectile dysfunction.
  • Want to get rid of ED with the help of oral medication.
  • Prefers a non-invasive treatment before they shift to other options.

The tenure of the treatment is 6 weeks, along with 6 remedies. The best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Pune can make a noticeable improvement in erection for 50% to 80%.

The prime cause of ED is low blood flow, and shockwave therapy helps stimulate the growth in blood circulation. Here the doctors apply a high-sound wave to the penis to kindle the growth in the new blood vessels. This therapy will break down plaques and develop the existing vessels.

Many ask how long the effect of the shockwave therapy will stay. The result of Shockwave Therapy for ED in Pune will vary individually. However, in most cases, the development of shockwave therapy will last for two years.

The treatment is non-invasive, and a wave passes through the erectile tissue. This restores the natural erectile function in men.

Doctors hope that, due to lots of benefits, shockwave therapy will become popular in the future.

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