There are so many Urologic Conditions that can be caused due to Smoking. The habit of smoking always creates havoc problems on your health, and it can cause severe health issues. Cigarette contains massive toxins & chemicals, and they can affect nearly every cell of your body. Smoking can cause a variety of health issues, and sometimes, these problems can become life-threatening too. Individuals can suffer from the issues like sudden death, cardiovascular problem, and several urologic problems. All can check the problems below that can cause serious health issues due to smoking. Following are the 7 Urologic Conditions impacted by smoking.

  • Men and women often have bladder cancer which develops due to chemicals in a cigarette. This cancer begins in the bladder cell.
  • Men who are habituated to excess smoking can have erectile dysfunction. The endothelial layer of the penis gets damaged due to the chemical existence in a cigarette.
  • At present, many have Kidney cancer. Men often suffer from kidney cancer due to excessive smoking. Cancer grows in the kidney cells when the harmful chemical is released and infiltrates the kidney. As per research, it has been noticed that kidney cancer is one of the top 10 most common cancer.
  • Kidney stones are collections of small objects which create a problem with the proper urine flow. Research shows that smokers are more prone to getting affected by kidney stones. Smoking seems to be the most effective reason for developing kidney stones, and it creates problems with proper kidney functioning.
  • Another problem many suffer is leakage of urine or incontinence and OAB or Overactive bladder. As per research, almost 33 million people are suffering from this health issue. Smoking causes a huge impact on these physical problems.
  • Men mostly have infertility due to excessive smoking. It has been noticed that smoking can create problems for the eggs & sperm and develops infertility.
  • Prostate cancer is another acute health issue that is caused due to huge excessive smoking. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancer in men due to smoking.

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